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The mission of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Paterson is to develop communities that are Christ-centered, academically excellent and welcoming, that enable students to be life-long learners and good citizens of the world.

St. Anthony School Mission Statement

As members of the Diocese of Paterson,

we the school community of St. Anthony,

seek to prepare our students to live according to Catholic values

as they strive toward academic excellence and spiritual growth.

With the cooperative efforts of administration, faculty, parents and parish,

we provide a moral foundation for our students

by following Jesus’ example in implementing guiding

principles of reason, religion and loving kindness.

We are committed to providing our children with a solid

educational background, the resources they need to achieve,

and the confidence that will lead to their success.

Philosophy of St. Anthony School

St. Anthony School exists as an integral part of the parish of St. Anthony. We are a Catholic school community that provides its students with roots and wings: Roots that are firmly planted Catholic truths and values; Wings that will take them into a future of academic success and spiritual growth. We provide a solid groundwork of educational excellence, along with an environment of respect and responsibility that enables our students to meet the challenges of a changing world with intellectual, emotional, civic and spiritual conviction.

We take Jesus as our model as we embrace our children’s individuality, developing their unique skills and personalities. We celebrate not only excellence, but also effort and achievement as we strive to create a legacy of “life learners” who will cultivate their own abilities. Basic skills are taught systematically according to the development of the students’ abilities. Student-centered lessons are the cornerstone of classroom instruction that focuses on developing critical thinkers.

The staff, parents, parish leaders and students work together to create a reassuring family environment that nurtures the individual child while fostering a spirit of service and community awareness. Thus, our children are encouraged to live according to the Gospel principles through cooperation and mutual respect.

Beliefs and Goals

St. Anthony, in accord with the Catholic Schools of the Paterson Diocese believe that parents are the primary educators and we embrace our responsibility as co-educators. We believe all children are a sacred and shared trust.  We believe that each child is a gift of God who must be treated with dignity, respect and care.

Based on these beliefs, we embrace the following goals:

  • To integrate Gospel values and teachings into all areas of the curriculum, thus enabling students to make solid moral choices, to grow in faith, and to share this faith with others.
  • To provide academic excellence through a curriculum that espouses 21st century literacies: the ability to create, collaborate, cooperate, and collectively and ethically act.
  • To foster life-long learners who possess the knowledge, problem-solving skills and competencies to address multi-dimensional challenges inherent within a technological and global society.
  • To provide an environment which enables students to appreciate and embrace creativity and beauty in life within and around them as expressed in various disciplines, art forms and nature.
  • To instill in our students the ability and determination to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, morally socially, growing in their commitment to justice and dedication to service making our Church, world, and one another better by their presence.