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(Reprinted from The Hawthorne Press, June 13, 2013)

     "On May 23, students from St. Anthony School in Hawthorne presented the results of their year-long STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) instruction at a showcase featuring schools in the Diocese of Paterson. Catholic educators from around the state attended the event along with their partners in STEM education.
     The seventh graders began with a presentation highlighting their work in creating a model of a balloon catheter with stent used to open clogged arteries.
     The eighth graders presented their investigation into a filtration system that removes contaminates from water, and demonstrated how they used 3-D modeling software and a printer to create impact-safe medicine carriers.
     The third graders were also on hand to discuss their models of wind turbines.

     St. Anthony School, along with a cohort of diocesan schools, is part of a STEM initiative that integrates engineering concepts into instruction, pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.  The junior high has also added iPads, digital probes, instruction in SketchUp and the 3D printer to their program this year, which is led by June Polidoro and Mary Wrenn."