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Welcome to Kindergarten

Mrs. Mulholland


I believe that each child is capable of learning. To meet the needs and help each child be successful, it is my job to facilitate instruction in various learning styles - visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.  I believe all students learn best in a loving and well organized environment where they give and receive respect from teachers and peers.  By creating a safe, caring, and nurturing classroom, I am fostering my students' confidence they need to create their own opinions, necessary to develop their critical and creative thinking skills. As a parent of young children myself, I understand how important it is to value each individual child's strengths in order to promote self esteem and the desire to learn.


Facts About My Classroom

~ Full Day experience

~ Whole group and cooperative learning experiences

~ Learning Centers - reaching various learning styles

~ STREAM integration in unit topics

~ STREAM lessons based on Next Generation Science Standards

~ Technology integrated into all subject areas

~ ELA and Math lessons based on Common Core Standards

~ Hands-on Math instruction


Facts About Me

~ BA in Psychology - MSU

~ NJ State Early Childhood Teacher Certification - WPU

~ Committees - Yearbook Coordinator and Kids' Book Club facilitator

~ Kindergarten teacher at SAS since 2003

~ Two children currently attending SAS