Pre School
Pre Kindergarten
1st Grade Homeroom
2nd Grade Homeroom
3rd Grade Homeroom
4th Grade Homeroom
5th Grade Homeroom
6th Grade Homeroom
7th Grade Homeroom
8th Grade Homeroom
Jr. High Math
Jr. High Social Studies
Jr. High Religion
Physical Education
World Language


Pastor Msgr. Raymond Kupke

Parochial Vicar Rev. Sylwester Pierzak

Principal Principal Sister Colleen Clair, FMA

Vice-Principal Mrs. Elisa Wares

Administrative Assistant Mrs. Michele Hancewicz

Classroom Websites

Below you will find a list of staff and classrooms at St. Anthony School. Clicking on the email address will open MS Outlook while clicking on the "About..." will open a pdf about the teacher.


Pre-School Sr. Elfie Del Rosario (Mrs. Gambuti, Aide)

Pre-Kindergarten Mrs. Gonzalez (Ms. Persaud, Aide)

Kindergarten Mrs. Mulholland (Mrs. Meola, Aide)

First Grade Mrs. Dellacroce

Second Grade Mrs. Roughgarden

Third Grade Mrs. Redmon-Kraft

Fourth Grade Ms. Corrado

Fifth Grade Mrs. Lewis

Sixth Grade Mr. Kraft

Seventh Grade Ms. Polidoro

Eighth Grade Mrs. Wares

Jr. High Teacher Mrs. Gagnon

Jr. High Math Mrs. Lewis

Jr. High Social Studies Mrs. Peterson

Special Teachers

Art Mrs. Mclaughlin

Computers Mrs. Tampol

Music Mrs. Bellini

Band Mrs. Bellotti

Physical Education Mrs. Neri

World Language Mrs. Tampol

Nursing Staff
Marie Nordyke

Mr. William Chaky