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SCRIP Program

St Anthony School has 2 programs: 
Food SCRIP  (available every week, year-round) and 
Retail SCRIP  (orders placed once-a-month, year-round)

How the SCRIP Program works:

  • St. Anthony’s purchases the store cards in bulk at a discount (the discount is determined by the vendor). You buy gift cards at full, face value to the supermarkets/retail stores/restaurants you frequent. You can use them to do your shopping or give them out as gifts.
  • You can earn up to 3% on cards bought, which can be applied towards your tuition for the current school year:
    • Stores with a discount of 4% or more: Families earn 3%, St. Anthony’s gets the balance:
      • Ex: Stop & Shop (5% discount): Family gets 3% and St. Anthony’s gets 2%
      • Ex: Macys (10%): Family gets 3% and St. Anthony’s gets 7%
    • Stores with a discount of 3% or less: Families and St. Anthony’s split the discount 50/50:
      • Ex: Dunkin Donuts (3% discount): Family and St. Anthony each get 1.5%
      • Ex: Shell Gas (2% discount): Family and St. Anthony each get 1%


  • The percentage varies from retailer to retailer, with the average percentage being 5%. Because the discount percentages vary, the splits may vary - but the earnings add up quickly!

Additional FAQs:

  • Orders must be paid by check or cash only; sorry but we cannot accept credit cards for payment at this time.
  • Orders can be placed on Mondays , Wednesdays & Fridays by : 1) through your child’s backpack (i.e. message folder) with an order form and payment OR 2) in-person during morning drop-off (7:40 am – 8:00 am) through the main (first) front door ; our order table is located outside the School Office. Orders sent in on the days above will be filled & sent home the same day via your child’s backpack.
  • To qualify for the tuition re-imbursement, you must earn a minimum of $50 in tuition credit. If you earn less than $50 in tuition credit for the entire school year, you earnings are donated to our school.
  • Tuition re-imbursements are distributed twice a year: December (for purchases made from April to October) and May (for purchases made from November through March).

St Anthony’s has Supermarket SCRIP (available on-demand, year-round) and Retail SCRIP (orders placed once-a-month, year-round) .

Supermarket SCRIP cards

  • Gift cards are in stock every week, all year
  • St. Anthony’s gets a 5% discount from the store;  you get 3% of that discount, towards your tuition re-imbursement*
  • Gift cards/gift certificates are available in various denominations
  • National & Local Retailers participate:

Shop Rite


Stop & Shop

Goffle Road Poultry Farm


Superfresh (Key Foods)

Corrado’s Market

Market Basket

Whole Foods

Lakeview Farms




* With the exception of Whole Foods who gives a 3% discount, which is split 50/50 at 1.5 % each.




Retail SCRIP cards

  • Orders are placed once a month **
  • Retailer gift cards/gift certificates are available in various denominations
  • Discounts vary (1.5% to 17%), so the split varies:
    • 4% or more – you  earn up to 3% towards tuition credit; St. Anthony gets the remaining percentage
    • 3% or less – You and St. Anthony splits the discount with you 50/50
  • National & Local Retailers participate  (ex. Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, iTunes, CVS, Macys, Barnes & Noble, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Land’s End, Sunoco, Sprinkles Ice Cream, Hawthorne Movie Theater)

** Around Thanksgiving/Christmas, orders are placed weekly while school is in session.

Retail Order Dates 2016 – 2017

September 19, 2016

(due September 16)

October 11

(due October 6)

October 24

(due October 21)

October 31

(due October 28)

November 7

(due November 4)

November 14

(due November 11)

November 28

(due November 22)

December 5

(due December 2)

December 12

(due December 9)

December 14

(due December 12)

January 17, 2017

(due January 13

February 13

(due February 10)

March 13

(due March 10)

April 3

(due March 31)

May 1

(due April 28)

May 30

(due May 26)

July 10

(due July 7)

August 14

(due August 11)




Do you need more information? Want to place an order?


PHONE:      Jane Serell                   973-238-1984

                        AnnLouise Fanning          973-427-9437